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Sunrise on Earth Day

Roni shares her beautiful Earth Day card that features a hand-drawn sun and ocean, and clouds and birds from our Skyward Peg Stamp Set!

Four Little Scenes Card

Take a card, mask off a square, stamp a scene, make another square, create another scene, repeat until happy!

Desert Scene Father’s Day Card

I had a lot of fun making this card and the more I look at it the more I love it. At first I was not sold on the orange, but it is quickly growing on me 🙂

Flower Friends Wreath Card

Virginia Buchler has created another lovely wreath card. This card uses many of the same stamps that she used in the Joy Card, but by switching up the paper colors, ink colors, and sentiment, you can really see the versatility of our peg stamps.

Joy Wreath Card

I just LOVE this wreath card by Virginia Buchler! The stamping is beautiful, I love the layered paper, and the shiny gold paper really sets this card apart.

Live Life Wreath Card

This is a beautiful, fresh wreath card by Virginia Buchler. I love the color choice and the embellishments!

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