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Stamps Made in N.C. by the Walton Family

Established in 2002, Rubber Stamp Tapestry is a family-owned and operated business located near the Uwharrie National Forest in central North Carolina. Each peg stamp is handcrafted in our shop with superior materials manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the United States. Quality is paramount to us, together with protecting our earth’s most valuable resources. We use real red rubber & quality hardwood.

Our online catalog is always growing, and currently contains more than 1,200 individual peg stamps and over 100 stamp sets!

Our Story

In 1971, years before current owner Donny Walton was born, his dad purchased a peace sign stamp from a small shop in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was stationed with the US Air Force. That little stamp would later become the inspiration behind an incredibly successful company that now sells its stamps worldwide.

Donny grew up in a small rural town in North Carolina known as the “pottery capital of the world”. When he was five years old, his parents, Don and Susan Walton, quit their jobs and opened their own boutique pottery shop. In a community teeming with over 200 local potters, Susan’s unique dinnerware and Don’s intricate Treepots made their shop a prime destination for pottery tourists and local collectors and their business thrived.

In 2002, Susan developed a new look for her clay artwork and experimented with pressing botanicals from her garden into her pottery before firing. In a quest for a more permanent solution, she made rubber stamps featuring flowers, leaves, and other plants. She mounted them on wooden pegs like the stamp Don had bought decades before when he was in the Air Force. Soon, Susan started using the stamps on cards, stationery, scrapbook pages, ceramic bisque, and even fabric. It was not long before word spread and she was a regular exhibitor at stamp conventions throughout the United States.

Susan put botanicals from backyard gardens into the hands of crafters around the world and created a stamping revolution. Her technique of component stamping mesmerized her audience as they discovered how quickly and easily they could create frames, borders, and complex layered artwork with just a few peg stamps.

In 2004, Donny Walton quit his job as a computer programmer and began helping his parents full-time at the family business. Donny’s wife Rebecca, along with toddler Logan, joined him as they became the new generation of stamp makers at Don and Susan’s shop. A few years later Donny and Rebecca introduced two more little stampers, Henry & Maggie to the growing family business.

In 2014, Don and Susan returned to pottery which had always been their first love. They opened a gallery in Seagrove and at the same time, Donny and Rebecca became the proud new owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry, excited to be carrying on Rubber Stamp Tapestry’s legacy of artisan stamp making. Don and Susan are now residents of Virginia and own Mountain Star Gallery in Fancy Gap where they sell their pottery as well as our peg stamps!

Like our children, our business is growing and we have been blessed in so many, many ways.

What Our Customers Say

I recently became aware of your stamps and I've kinda gone crazy! The stamps are beautifully made and very versatile. You can mix and match a wide variety of the stamps. I'm an avid card maker so I love an assortment of stamps. I highly recommend this stamp business.
Marilyn Myerscough
Card Maker
My experience with Peg Stamp Tapestry has been excellent. Service is always fast and accurate. I love how versatile these stamps are. The images are always clear and they have a huge selection of stamps. I love their tutorials showing ways the stamps can be used. Love that they are made in America.
Janice McClure
Card Maker