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Stamped Wine Cork Keychain/Ornament

Re-purpose used wine corks in this shiny peg stampin’ project. Jazz up a wine cork with beads and a key ring.

Stamps Used

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    $14.70 Peg Stamp SetAdd to cart
  • ,

    $13.70 Peg Stamp SetAdd to cart

Retired Stamps Used

  • Ornamental Holly Peg Stamp Set

Supplies Used

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    $4.50 Signo Gel PenAdd to cart
  • ,

    $4.69 Liquid Mono GlueAdd to cart

Additional Supplies

  • Corks
  • Sandpaper or Nail Polish Remover
  • Eye-hook – small
  • Key Ring
  • Stazon Ink – Green
  • Scrap Paper
  • Marker – Chartpak, Green and Red
  • Beads – Glass or Acrylic
  • Sharpie Marker – Black
  • Paint Pen – Gold
  • Beading Wire – Tiger Tail
  • Wire Cutter
  • Bead Bug
  • Crimp Bead
  • Crimp Pliers
  • Ribbons

Connect with The Frugal Crafter, Lindsay Weirich Here:

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