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Scenic Father’s Day Card

This is such a fun, peaceful card to make and is perfect for almost any dad.

Stamps Used

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Supplies Used

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Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – White
  • Envelope – White
  • Die -Gina K – Decorative Tag Dies (DIE0105)
  • Ribbon – Green


The first thing that we will do is prepare our paper. We need an A2 base
in white cardstock. So, to make the base cut an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of
cardstock in the middle at the 5-1/2″ mark on the long side. Then take
one of those pieces and place on a paper scoring board and score in the
middle on the long edge at 4-1/4″. Now, you have a base!

Create hills using the stencil and brush on bamboo leaves ink to create the first hill. Grab another stencil and brush on Bahama blue ink to create a lake. Then grab another stencil and brush on desert sand ink. And grab another stencil and brush on pistachio ink. 

Die cut a tag and then die cut an oval out of the tag. Dry fit the tag so that it will include the hillsides, bears and trees. Trace around the oval so you’ll know where to stamp.

Stamp the Mini Bear and the Tiny Bear in nocturne ink inside the traced oval. Stamp the Mini Trees. Using olive grove stamp the Mini Trees above the lake. Stamp the trees again with pistachio ink.

Brush on sky blue ink and create the sky.

Brush bamboo leaves on the tag. Fold a piece of green ribbon in half and poke through the back side of the tag, then run the ends of the ribbon through the fold and gently pull. Glue over the bears where you marked for the oval to go. 

With the Gellyroll pen create some ripples on the surface of the lake.

For the envelope using one of the hillside stencils brush on bamboo leaves ink on the lower part of the envelope. Stamp the Mini and Tiny Bears in the center. Stamp, “Happy Mail” on the back flap.



  1. Rebecca, that is the cutest and most adorable Father’s Day Card I have seen this year.! Your so creative with the peg stamps and such a pleasure to watch you create on your videos…Have a lovely upcoming weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like it 🙂

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