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Shaker Tag for Christmas

Rebecca will show you how to combine two peg stamp sets and an unmounted set to create this fun shaker tag.

Stamps Used

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    $15.00 Clear Stamp SetAdd to cart
  • ,

    $14.70 Peg Stamp SetAdd to cart
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    $12.20 Peg Stamp SetAdd to cart
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    $15.00 Clear Stamp SetAdd to cart

Supplies Used

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    $19.99 Paper Scoring BoardAdd to cart
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    $2.99 Three-Dimensional EmbellishmentAdd to cart
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    $2.99 Three-Dimensional EmbellishmentAdd to cart
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    $5.75 Liquid GlueRead more
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    $4.25 Tip for Glue BottleAdd to cart
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    $18.95 Acrylic Stamping BlocksAdd to cart
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    $8.75 Stamp Shammy Read more
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    $10.99 ScissorsAdd to cart
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    $2.50 Dye InkRead more
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    $2.50 Dye InkAdd to cart
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    $2.99 Distress InkAdd to cart

Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – Cream
  • Clear Cardstock – Heartfelt Creations (GBKK811B1)
  • Brilliance – Rocket Red
  • Brilliance – Starlite Silver
  • Brilliance – Platinum Planet
  • Die – Gina K – Decorative Tag (DIE0105)
  • Die – Circle – CottageCutz Basics Stitched Circle
  • Pencil
  • Makeup Brush – Dollar Tree
  • Prismacolor Premier – Raspberry
  • Prismacolor Premier – Silver
  • Prismacolor Premier – Dark Umber
  • Prismacolor Premier – Yellowed Orange
  • Prismacolor Premier – Beige Sienna
  • Prismacolor Premier – Non-Photo Blue
  • Prismacolor Premier – Powder Blue
  • Prismacolor Premier – Jasmine
  • Foam Tape – Thin
  • Beads
  • Ribbon – Red and White Gingham


Die cut two large tags from the Gina K set. On one place a circle die in the center of the die and cut them both at once. Cut a piece of clear cardstock large enough to cover the circle.

Place the two tags together and trace the hole onto the other tag.

On the tag with the hole, color the inside of the circle with a silver colored pencil. Stamp the Mini and Tiny Snowflakes in summer sky ink. Stamp the placard in summer sky ink and the “Merry and Bright from the sentiment in rocket red inside the placard, filling in the sentiment if needed with a raspberry colored pencil.

On a separate piece of paper stamp the bauble topper in gray flannel ink and color in with a silver colored pencil. Cut out, not worrying about the hook. Stamp the samp stamp on the circle cutout bringing it low enough that the corners of the bauble topper are even with the circle. Glue the cut out topper to the one that you just stamped. Apply vintage photo ink with a makeup brush along the edge of the tag.

Glue the clear cardstock to the backside of the circle. Apply foam tape close to the circle, paying attention that it does not over lap the circle, making it visible on the front of the tag. It’s better to overlap on the outside and trim away. Add tape all over the tag to make it sturdy.

On the full tag stamp the hills in summer sky ink. Stamp the Mini Snowman in starlite silver ink. Color in his hat with a dark umber pencil and a beige sienna pencil. Color his cain, lamp and buttons with dark uber. Color his scarf with a raspberry pencil and his nose with a yellowed orange pencil. Trace his body and face with a regular pencil

Stamp some snowflakes in summer sky ink and platinum planet ink in the foreground, Color the hillside with silver, non-photo blue, and powder blue. Color the sky with a powder blue pencil and a jasmine pencil.

Add beads to the reservoir that you created around the circle. Remove the backing from the tape and place the other tag on the tape.

Loop a ribbon and insert the loop through the tag hole, bringing the two tails of the ribbon back through the loop.



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