Stamping on Cookies and DIY Edible Ink

Stamping on Cookies and DIY Edible Ink

Let me show you how EASY and FUN it is to make your own edible ink on cube ink pads and rubber stamp a cookie just like you do paper!

Stamps Used

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    Peg Stamp Set

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    Lots of Pots Unmounted Rubber Sheet


    Unmounted Rubber Stamp Sheet

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Supplies Used

  • Cookie
  • Great Value Cookie Icing, White
  • Toothpick
  • Vodka


Recipe for colors:

    • Brown – equal blue, yellow, and red
    • Orange – 12 drops yellow + 4 drops of red
    • Pink – add red one drop at a time to reach desired pink
    • Black – 6 drops each of red, yellow, and blue
    • Orchid – 24 drops of yellow + 16 drops of red

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