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Guest Designer

Flower Friends Wreath Card

Virginia Buchler has created another lovely wreath card. This card uses many of the same stamps that she used in the Joy Card, but by switching up the paper colors, ink colors, and sentiment, you can really see the versatility of our peg stamps.

Friend Wreath Card

I received this card from my friend Carolyn Gardner! She used a retired peg stamp set called Eyelet Blooms. I love the simplicity and femininity of this card.

Grape Border Verse Card

This is a card that our friend Carol Hallock sent us. She created these cards to raise money for her husband’s Rotary Club. Carol uses her card-making talents to bring joy to others and raise money for churches and other non-profits in her area.

Coffee Thank You Card

This is such a fun card by our friend Carol Hallock. She donates her cards for charity baskets and fundraisers and if someone insists on paying for her cards she asks that they donate that money to the local crisis pregnancy center.