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Benefits of Peg Stamps

Peg Stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry

8 Advantages of Peg Stamping

1. Elaborate Designs Made Easy

With Rubber Stamp Tapstry's Peg Stamps, you are in complete control of the design process by combining small images into larger and more elaborate works of art. Our rubber stamps accommodate a variety of art styles - from complex techniques like coloring open images with markers or brushes to simply stamping a solid image, which requires no additional coloring. We call this easy and fun layered process component stamping. Each finished design naturally becomes unique and no two stamping projects will ever be identical!

2. Easy to Hold

Our ergonomic peg stamps are easy to hold, especially for children (3 years old and up) and those suffering from arthritis, stiffness and joint pain.

3. The StampRight™ Placement Line

Need to add a stem to a flower or berries to a branch? All of our peg stamps feature our StampRight™ placement line which is located at the base of the stamp, near the rubber. This line indicates the position of the image. In the case of a leaf, sprig, or branch, the StampRight™ placement line is most often located at the stem. Just turn the line towards the other images, such as a flower, and you will get perfect placement every time. Our StampRight™ placement line speeds up the stamping process and aids in accuracy.

4. Uses Smaller Ink Pads

The beauty of using small stamps is that you can use small ink pads, which take up little room and are very affordable. We love VersaColor™ pigment inks by Tsukineko. These rich, opaque inks stamp beautifully and are thick enough for “stamping off,” a technique which uses more than one impression before re-inking. This method gives depth and dimension to the finished artwork.

5. Reduces Inky Fingers

With fingers further from the ink pads, our stamps reduce inky smudges and smears.

6. Most Forgiving

Component stamping with peg stamps is the most forgiving form of rubber stamping. If you happen to make a mistake, it's easy to fix. Simply stamp over the impressions in the second or third layer; this allows you to keep artwork you might have otherwise discarded.

7. Little And Fun!

Our stamps are small and highly detailed, making them great for all kinds of applications where traditional stamps just won’t do. They can be used in paper crafts for cards and scrapbooks, but the fun does not stop there! Many of our stamps are specifically designed to be used on ceramic bisque as well as fabric projects. With over 1,200 individual stamps to choose from, you’ll soon agree our little stamps are big fun!

8. Great for Traveling

Our stamps are perfect for traveling. You can pack a lot of peg stamps in a small space and with the addition of small cube ink pads, it's a traveling win-win!

6 Reasons Our Peg Stamp Sets Are So Popular!

Our sets are the most popular way to get acquainted with component stamping with peg stamps because they are:

1. All Inclusive

Each peg stamp set includes a full-color image of the finished project (example: Lotus Pond Peg Stamp Set Card), step-by-step instructions and a recommended ink list. Some sets also include instructions for stamping on fabric and ceramic bisque.

2. Never Duplicate a Stamp

Every stamp set is unique. Our peg stamps are never duplicated in more than one set.

3. Great for Beginners

We have hand selected complementary peg stamps and packaged them together and these sets provide the instruction and instruments for the beginning peg stamper to create projects with success.

4. Great for Seasoned Stampers

Our peg stamp sets provide a jumping off point for the seasoned stamper. By modifying ink colors, altering the instructions, and adding other stamps, our sets ensure creativity never ends.

5. Ideas Abound

Our sets are so convenient that we use them in many of our tutorials. So, if you want to expand beyond the colors and creativity of the set card image, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to visit our Tutorials & Ideas page for lots of inspiration.

6. Huge Selection!

With over 200 peg stamp sets in our catalog covering many themes, we have something for nearly everyone.


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