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Component Stamping


Elaborate Made Simple

Years ago, Rubber Stamp Tapestry coined the term component stamping to describe the process of combining small stamped images into larger, elaborate works of art - one peg stamp at a time.

We have built our business around providing highly detailed, unique stamps that are very different from typical stamps. Our rubber stamps accommodate a variety of art styles - from complex techniques like coloring open images with markers or brushes to simply stamping a solid image - perfect for quickly creating elaborate works of art. We pride ourselves in helping our customers create an entirely different look just by varying the stamps, ink colors, stamping technique and placement.

Peg Stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry

Rubber Stamp Tapestry's artists are busy. To date, we have created over 1,200 separate individual designs for our customers. With hundreds of detailed images of flowers, twigs, leaves, butterflies, fruits & vegetables, animals, collage elements, geometric shapes, and more, our peg stamps allow the stamper to "place" our images into a larger and more highly elaborate design. Our stamps can be used for component stamping on paper, fabric, polymer clay, bisque, glass, & more.

Component stamping is easy and the results are stunning! The simplicity of component peg stamping makes it a breeze to create intricate borders, wreaths & layered art.

Component Stamping "Rules of the Road"
  • Use your favorite stamps from our extensive online catalog to start your next project.
  • Don't hesitate to stamp over other images to create depth and dimension.
  • Rotate your stamps between impressions to create a more natural look to your design.
  • Add new inks to create a brilliant tapestry of colored images.
  • Stamp two or three times before re-inking to introduce wonderful shades and tones of the same color.
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That's It!

With these simple techniques, anyone can quickly create an elaborate work of art. We are excited to help you get started. Shop our extensive online catalog and start stamping today!

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