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Peg stamp cookies to match invitations and favors

Peg Stamping on Cookies

Our little stamps are perfect for stamping on edibles like cookies. Because our stamps are mounted on pegs it’s easy to rock the image and transfer an image to an uneven surface. In addition you can really impress your guests by creating invitations and party favors that mirror the stamped images on the cookies! We hope you’ll give cookie rubber stamping a try – it’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

1. Cookie & Icing

1. Choose Your Cookie & Icing

You can bake them yourself or buy them premade, but whatever you choose pick a cookie that will work nicely with royal icing. Sugar cookies and shortbread cookies are two great options.

Once again, you can choose to whip up your own royal icing and there a myriad of recipes online, or you can go the easy way and buy premade.

2. Apply Royal Icing

2. Apply Royal Icing

Place the icing in an icing bag with #2 tip if you’re not using premade. Apply a line of icing to the outside edge of the cookie and stop once you reach the starting point. Then, zig zag icing across the cookie to flood it with icing. Poke any air bubbles with a toothpick, then shake the cookie a bit to level the icing. Set aside overnight so the icing is nice and hard and can take the application of a stamp without breaking through.

3. Choose Coloring

3. Choose the Coloring Method

You can choose to color your stamps using edible markers, food coloring brushed on the stamp, or make your own edible ink and apply it to a dedicated stamp pad. The later is the easiest and fastest method and the one we’ll focus on in this step-by-step list.

4. Prepare the Ink

4. Prepare Your Ink Pads

Apply drops of gel food coloring to the clean dedicated ink pad. You can find recipes for making your own colors on bakery sites that will tell you the number of drops per color to reach a new color. Using a toothpick, add vodka by the drop to the gel food coloring to thin it, then rub the side of the toothpick along the foam to mix it and get good coverage. Press the side of the toothpick on the foam to get it into the bad so it’s not pooling on the top.

5. Stamp the Cookie

5. Stamp the Cookie

Depending on what type of coloring you’re using you’ll have to get the “ink” on the stamp by either rubbing the end with a marker, brushing the end with food coloring mixed with a bit of water, or by using a stamp pad.

You will stamp the cookie just like you do paper. You may have to “roll” the stamp to transfer the image onto the cookie. You’ll want to stamp gently until you get the feel for the icing.

6. Clean Between

6. Clean Between Colors

Thoroughly clean your stamps between food coloring colors with a paper towel and a bit of water.

7. Fixing Mistakes

7. What About Mistakes

Mistakes do occur and they can be fixed. If the food coloring is still wet, simply wipe the mistake away with a piece of paper towel wet with vodka, or just stamp over it!

8. Eat!

8. Eat!

After stamping your cookies you will want to let them rest until they are dry so you don’t smudge the images. Then enjoy!

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