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Mono Aqua Glue XL


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This 1.69oz (50ml) multi-purpose glue is acid-free and photo safe and will not leak or clog.

Creates a strong permanent bond that goes on clear and dries clear. Dual applicators in one ergonomic dispenser that is easy to hold. Pen tip for small areas or fine line of glue and broad tip for large areas. Ideal for adhering practically anything that has to do with card making, embellishments, photos, card stock, poster board, textured card stock, glass, plastic, acetate, cork, burlap, glitter, flocking, rhinestones, plastic, buttons, gems, lightweight ribbon and fabric, metal, coins, chipboard, and heavy weight fabric and ribbon and much more. Glue dries fast with strong bond that ensures projects will hold up over time.

Features two applicators and two bonding methods. For small areas and a fine line of glue, use the pen tip. For large areas and a fat line of glue, use the broad tip. For permanent bonding apply glue, position and let dry. For removable bonding apply, let glue dry, then position.

Made in Vietnam.

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