Happy Birthday Tags with Distress Crayons

Happy Birthday Tags with Distress Crayons

Today we are going to create some FUN, colorful happy birthday tags using two of our Mini Ice Cream Cone Peg Stamps!

Stamps Used

Supplies Used

Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – White
  • Cardstock – Pink
  • Cardstock – Purple
  • Cardstock – Blue
  • Die – Gina K, Decorative Tags
  • Die – CottageCutz, Stitched Circles Basic
  • Prismacolor Premier – Crimson Red
  • Prismacolor Premier – Light Green
  • Prismacolor Premier – Beige
  • Prismacolor Premier – Pink
  • Prismacolor Premier – Pink Beige
  • Prismacolor Premier – Sienna Brown
  • Paper Towel
  • Baby Wipe or Cloth
  • Anti-Static Powder Duster
  • Heat Tool
  • Hole Punch Water
  • Ribbon


The first thing that we will do is prepare our paper. We need to either die cut or gather some tags in white cardstock.

Place the sentiments from the stamp set, flat side up on the die in a pattern that you like. Lay the stamp mount on top to pick up all the stamps.Set this aside.

Lay one of your tags on a piece of folder paper towel. Start at the top of the tag and go in order of the crayons in Set #4, coloring horizontally.So, red, yellow, green, purple, and blue. Wet a towel or use a baby wipe and rub side to side down the tag. Set aside to dry or dry with heat tool.

Rub the tag with anti-static powder and ink up that sentiment collage with embossing ink and stamp on the tag. Sprinkle with white embossing powder and melt with a heat tool.

Glue the tag on a piece of purple cardstock with a bit of room around the tag. Trim out, creating a purple border around the tag. Use a hole punch to punch back through the tag and fold a piece of ribbon and stick up through the hole, bringing the tail of the ribbon through the fold and pull.

For the other tag, we are going to create spots of color that will be behind the embossing that we will do at the end of the project. To line that color up with the sentiment on the stamp, gently lay that sentiment collage on top of the tag and lay another tag on top of the acrylic block. Remove it to see where to color. Scribble various colors for each of the sentiments.

Once you have all the spots scribbled, lay the tag on a piece of folder paper towel. Use a baby wipe or slightly wet cloth and rub out the color for each spot. Dry with a heat tool or by leaving the tag alone for awhile. Rub with anti-static powder. Ink the sentiment collage with embossing ink and stamp, lining up the sentiments with the color spots. Sprinkle with white embossing powder and melt.

Glue to a piece of pink cardstock and trim like the first one.

For the last tag, stamp the “To: From:” stamps at the bottom of the tag in Archival Jet Black Ink. Take the smallest circle die and cut it out of white cardstock. Stamp the little heart stamp in the center of the circle in black in, removing ink from the colon on the stamp. Color the heart with a crimson red pencil and adhere a piece of foam tape on the back.

Using the next size in the die set, trace it on the center of the card. Stamp the Mini Ice Cream Cone – Scoop in black ink at the top (north) and bottom (south) of the circle, using the StampRight Placement Line. Then do the same with the Mini Ice Cream Cone – Soft Serve at the right (east) and left (west). Then stamp so that all the images are alternated, you should be able to get 12 around the circle.

Color in the ice cream using the colors in the list above.

Color around the cones at the top of the tag in blue Distress Crayon and yellow at the bottom. With a baby wipe or damp cloth, rub those colors out, being careful to not color the cones.

Let the tag dry. Adhere the small circle with the heart to the center of the cones. Glue to blue cardstock and cut out like you did the other tags and punch the hole and attach ribbon like before.

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