Don’t Ever Change Card

Don’t Ever Change Card

I wanted to try something unusual with this card. I liked the idea of a gate-fold card and right away envisioned a garden gate.

As I was contemplating what to do with the inside, I thought wouldn’t it be neat if you opened the gate and then were able to go under the hedgerow – if I created a portrait-fold card inside the gate-fold, I could do that. Well, those ideas lead to the card that I created – a bit different than what I started with, but unusual just the same. This is not a quick card, but it is a lot of fun to create!

Stamps Used

  • Standing Fawn

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  • Southern Pine

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  • Single Acorn

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  • Running Fawn

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  • Hummingbird in Flight

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  • Fresh Grass

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  • Flying Bird

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  • Cherry Blossoms

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  • Bare Tree

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  • Antique Big Wheel Bike

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Retired Stamped Used

  • Don’t Ever Change Mini Peg Stamp
  • Tree Mini Peg Stamp
  • Spruces Mini Peg Stamp

Supplies Used

Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – White
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Pencil
  • Embossing Folder – Brick
  • RST Stencil – Arches
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Waterbrush – Detailer
  • Acrylic paint – White
  • Brush


Cut white card stock to 4 1/4″ tall by 8 1/2″ wide. Place in the top left corner of the Scor-Pal and score at the dots printed on the Scor-Pal (2 1/8″ and 6 3/8″).

On a piece of white card stock, trace the largest arch from the stencil, then with a ruler, draw straight lines down from the ends of the arch, this is your gate. Find the middle of the gate and draw a line from top to bottom. Place the flat side of the gate on the Scor-Pal at the top and center it with one of the score lines. Starting from the center, score every other line. Make a small cut on the center line at the top and bottom of the gate. This will mark your center because you’ll soon add color to the gate which will cover your pencil line.

Place your gate on the gate fold card base, centering the center line of the gate with the center of the card base and dropping down a bit from the top of the card. Once you have the gate in the position you like, mark the bottom and cut away. Trace the outline of the gate onto the card base.

Now, do steps 2-3 again and use the first gate as a guide for the length of the second gate. One gate will be on the outside of the card and one will be on the inside.

Stamp the card base with the Wisteria Frame Peg Stamp Set, using the pencil tracing as a guide.

Emboss each flap of the card base individually, arranging the embossing folder so that there’s a nice border around the flaps. With a waterbrush and watercolor pencil, color in each brick. Don’t worry about the bricks that will be covered by the gate.

Place the gate that you scored on a piece of scrap paper and pull the ink pad down the length of the card. Be careful because if you stop in the middle you’ll have a dewdrop shape on your gate. Add as much green as you like, then with a dry brush, go over the green with white acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water until you have the look you want.

While your gate is drying stamp the Skeleton Key four times and the Antique Bike twice. Cut out the handle of the key, this will be your hinges and cut out the smallest wheel of the bike, this will be your door knobs.

Now, glue the gate onto the card base front, color in any bricks that you missed. Glue on the hinges and knobs. Open the card and color in the bricks, then glue the gate doors to the inside. Since the doors take time to create, if you are afraid you may make a mistake on your card you can always glue on the gate doors last.

Cut white card stock to 11″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide and score in the middle, making a 5 1/2″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide portrait-fold card. Dry fit it into the gate-fold card, trimming until it fits nicely and does not show when the gate is closed.

On the top of this portrait-fold card, brush the sky, sunrise, grass, and ground with Memento inks, leaving an archway of white in which to stamp the roses.

Stamp an floral archway using Cherry Blossoms Branch as a foundation. I stamped the Roses and Flying Birds using several impressions from same inking to give a variation of color. Add deer to hillside, birds in the sky, hummingbird at roses, and grass on the hillside and ground.

Open the card and again create the sky, tree area, river, and ground with Memento inks and matching watercolor pencils. Stamp around the card with Indian Summer Peg Stamp Set and Acorn stamp. Add the Buck to the scene.

On the inside of the card, again create the landscape by brushing on various Memento inks for the sunlight and sky. For the ground on this panel, just leave it white. Stamp the Happy Snowman (color his hat and scarf with watercolor pencils) and add snow with a VersaMark™ marker and white and sparkle Embossing powder and lightly brush with blue ink. Stamp around the edge of the inside with Southern Pine Peg Stamp set and add the sentiment to the bottom.

Now, glue the portrait-fold card inside the gate-fold card and you’re all done!

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