Nesting Bird Thank You Card

Nesting Bird Thank You Card

Join me as we meander off the path a bit and make a colorful landscape card that comes complete with stamped impressions from the Wiggle Squiggle Bloom Peg Stamp set and a marvelous resident bird perched on a limb.

Stamps Used

Retired Stamps

  • Wiggle, Squiggle, Bloom Peg Stamp Set
  • Heart Gate Unmounted Stamps

Supplies Used

Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – White
  • VersaCraft Midnight Ink
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Craft Knife
  • Chalk – Brown, Butterscotch, Gray, Sage, and Wedgewood
  • Colored Pencils – Blue, Brown, and Yellow

Inspiration for today’s card came from an entry on Pinterest: Instead of using a wood grain stamp, I drew a tree, which is available in PDF format for you to use. The card from which we gleaned our ideas achieved its watercolor look by smudged inks in the background. We’re using chalks instead of the inks and we’ll still get that watercolor effect without having to get out the brushes.

Print out the tree PDF onto white card stock. You will get two cards per PDF. I have the image situated so you can simply print, cut down the middle (at the 5.5-inch mark), then fold each piece to get two A2cards. (Note: fold the card after you’ve finished the artwork). Colorize the tree using brown and grey chalks. Then color the background of the remainder of the card using butterscotch, sage, and wedgewood chalks.

Using the instructions suggested in the package insert, stamp a climbing garland of flowers up the side of the tree. Then, on a separate piece of white card stock, stamp the nesting bird in black ink. Use the colored pencils to add some color. “Fussy” cut the bird/nest and glue it to the card, on the tree branch. Stamp the sentiment stamps in black ink. Now fold the card and you’re finished!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s landscape scenery card, which shows how you can incorporate these nifty peg stamps into much more than stamping in circles (although we love stamping in circles too– and in ovals and other shapes!). Join me in two weeks for another RST project. In the meantime, Happy Stamping from Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

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