Picket Gate Thank You

Picket Gate Thank You

There’s nothing more beautiful than a white picket gate opening into a rose garden and there’s no better way of saying, “Thank You,” than with roses.

Stamps Used

Retired Stamps Used

  • Summer Roses Peg Stamp Set
  • Thank You Mini Peg Stamp

Supplies Used

Additional Supplies

  • Cardstock – White
  • Cardstock – Apple Green
  • Embossing Folder – Polka Dots
  • Circle Template
  • Ruler
  • Small Piece of Book Board or Balsa Wood, 1 ½ x 2 ¼ inches
  • X-ACTO® Designer Series Knife #1
  • Acrylic Paint – White
  • Brads – Copper, Mini
  • 1 inch Circle Punch
  • Ribbon – Pink


  1. Run the white card stock through the embossing machine using the embossing folder of your choice. Fold in half and using hyacinth ink, scuff the edges of the front of the card.
  2. Run the green card stock through the embossing machine using a polka dot embossing folder.
  3. Take up the green card stock and a 3-inch circle template. Use the circle template to draw the top part of the arbor shape. Using the ruler, draw the sides of the arbor shape, the dots will help you create a straight line without measuring. The arbor shape I ended up with is 3 inches wide and (from tip to tip) 4 ½ inches tall.
  4. Cut the arbor-shape out of the green paper. Now, use it to trace the shape onto a piece of white paper.
  5. Use the bamboo ink pad to scuff the edges of the green arbor-shape with bamboo ink and glue it to the embossed white card stock base.
  6. Set the card base aside and take up the white paper on which you just drew the arbor pattern and begin to stamp the rose arbor.
  7. On white card stock, stamp the set, stamp the Rose in split pea, leaving enough room next to the penciled lines for Leaves and Sprig.
  8. Stamp the Rose again, this time in orchid.
  9. Stamp the Rose yet again, in heliotrope. Stamp a second impression before re-inking for added dimension.
  10. Stamp the Rose a fourth time in orange.
  11. Now stamp the Leaves in split pea. Stamp the Leaves again, this time in green tea. Stamp a second impression before re-inking for added dimension.
  12. Stamp the Flower in raspberry, stamp the Flower again, this time in grape. Stamp the Sprig in lavender.
  13. Now, cut out the rose arbor and glue it to the green arbor-shape. Glue the resulting piece to the white card base and set it aside for now. Now let’s go to the garden gate.
  14. Take the small piece of book board and use an craft knife to score some stripes in it so that it looks like it is made of wood slats. Then use the craft knife to cut out the pickets.
  15. Now use the white acrylic paint to paint your garden gate. Next, use the craft knife along the length of the “boards” again, to accentuate them. I purposefully roughed up the book board underneath the white paint. I wanted my gate to look weathered so I rubbed off some of the paint and scuffed up the book board a little bit.
  16. Take the paper piercer and make three small holes in the garden gate. Place the brads in the holes. Bend the prongs of the brads so that they are flat against the back side of the garden gate.
  17. Attach the garden gate to the card base with a thin strip of folded paper. Make the strip thin enough that it won’t interfere with the sentiment on the inside of the card.
  18. Now let’s put some embellishments on the garden gate. On a scrap of white card stock, stamp two separate floral arrangements. One with three roses and the other with just one.
  19. Cut out both of the arrangements and, using double-sided foam tape, tape the smaller one on top of the larger one. Then glue the resulting piece to the garden gate. Set aside this part of the card.
  20. On a small scrap of white card stock, stamp the “Thank You” stamp in black and stamp a rose and greenery as well. Line up and punch the images you just stamped in a circle punch. Scuff the edges of the circle with lavender ink.
  21. Now open the garden gate and glue down the ribbon and the sentiment medallion. And we’re done!

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