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Retired Sets

This is a list of all of our retired Peg Stamp Sets, with links to set cards.

Sku Name Set Card Link
FAB3600 Morning Lilies
FAB3601 Sunny Daisy
FAB3602 Old Fashioned Gingerbread
FAB3603 Posy Garland
FAB3605 Watercolor Blooms
FAB3606 Ornamental Holly
FAB3607 Wildflower Trellis
FAB3608 Creekside Garden
FAB3609 Sadie's Pinafore
FAB3611 Island Beauty
FAB3612 Heirloom Pansies
FAB3613 Seasonal Splendor
FAB3617 Plentiful Harvest
FAB3619 Dandelion Flurry
FAB3620 Wild Berry Vine
FAB3621 Twilight
SAN02000 Frogs and Ferns
SAN02005 Old World Chameleon
SAN02007 Miniature Meadow
SAN02008 Sunshine Puppies
SAN02009 Catnip Garden
SAN02010 Springtime Bunny
SAN02011 African Safari
SAN02012 Lions & Monkies Oh My!
SAN02013 Bamboo Panda
SAN02014 Happy Puppy
SAN02016 Sonoran Sunset
SBE16002 Berries and Buds Wreath
SBI08000 Dagonflies at Dusk
SBR04005 Deep Winter Morning
SBR04006 Pine Forest
SBR04007 Bittersweet
SCO28000 Vintage Sewing Basket
SCO28001 Paleo Imagery
SCO28002 Star Flower Tile
SCO28003 Triangle Swirl Tile
SCO28004 Star Filigree
SCO28005 Patterned Floral
SCO28006 Pen and Ink
SCO28007 Crazy Quilt Cat
SCO28008 Timepiece Collage
SCO28009 Cafe Mariana
SCO28010 Giddyup!
SFL34004 Floral Vine Border
SFL34009 Fall Mum Border
SFL34011 Floral Wreath
SFL34012 Hummingbird Cafe
SFL34013 Floral Border
SFL34017 Itsy Floral
SFL34022 Solid Rose and Fern Border
SFL34028 Spring Floral Wreath
SFL34031 Heart Filled Meadow
SFL34032 Garden of Bee Balm
SFL34034 Pansy and Daisy Wreath
SFL34035 Summer Berries
SFL34036 Floral Frame
SFL34038 Ginger Hearts
SFL34040 Starflower Dreams
SFL34042 Lily Fern Paradise
SFL34044 Antique Rose
SFL34045 Summer Bouquet Wreath
SFL34046 Dainty Floral
SFL34048 Floral Gathering
SFL34050 Porcelain Bouquet
SFL34051 Pansy Garden
SFL34052 Garden Veranda
SFL34054 Lush Botanical
SFL34055 Verdant Valley
SFL34056 Waving Wildflowers
SFL34057 Azalea Terrace
SFL34059 Spring Blooms
SFL34060 Rose Trio
SFL34061 Spring Offering
SFL34062 Peppermint Petunias
SFL34063 Yumy's Garden
SFL34064 Summer's Gold
SFL34067 Blue Eden
SFL34075 Penelope's Fancy
SFL34077 Butterfly Haven
SFL34078 Demi Dahlias
SFL34079 Antique Garden
SFL34080 Always Summer
SFL34081 Italian Garden
SFL34084 Sweet Everlastings
SFL34086 Summer Roses
SFL34089 Ornate Bouquet
SFL34090 Backyard Butterfly
SFL34091 Color Me Happy
SFL34094 Reverse Tulip Border
SFL34095 Polish Inpsiration
SFL34096 Autumn Blooms
SFL34097 Summer's End
SFL34098 Patio Garden
SFL34100 Eyelet Blooms
SFL34101 Bluebonnet Bouquet
SFL340104 Autumn Impressions
SFL34105 Lacey Blooms
SFL34106 Trillium Path
SFL34107 Buttonflower Bouquet
SFL34108 Shades of May
SFL34110 Trailing Bouquets
SFL34111 Face the Sun
SFL34112 Florabundance
SFL34114 Floral Explorer
SFL34116 Twist & Sprout
SFL34117 Margaret's Meadow
SFL34118 Daisy Chain
SFL34120 Aloha
SFL34122 Retro Sundress
SFL34123 Wiggle, Squiggle, Bloom
SFL34124 Bright New Day
SFL34126 Pink Splash
SFL34127 Big Bloomers
SFL34129 Celery Rose
SFL34133 Field of Clover
SFV10000 Fruit Wreath
SFV10007 Gourd Border
SFV10009 Sugar Peas
SFV10010 Eden
SFV10011 Itty Bitty Punkin Patch
SHO20002 Boxes and Bows
SHO20004 Holly Border
SHO20011 Gingerbread Wreath
SHO20012 Be Mine Floral
SHO20013 Easter Egg Border
SHO20014 Christmas Love
SHO20015 Heart Deco
SHO20017 Christmas Garland
SHO20020 Lace of Hearts
SHO20021 Heart Buttons
SHO20022 Holiday Joy
SHO20023 Holiday Stockings
SHO20024 Partridge in a Pear Tree
SHO20026 Poinsettia Dreams
SHO20028 Winter Holiday
SHO20029 Pine & Poinsettia
SHO20030 Afternoon Tea
SHO20031 Snowy Wonderland
SHO20033 Love Song
SHO20035 Bitty Gingerbread
SHO20038 Love Note
SHO20039 Happy Holidays
SHO20045 Stars & Stripes Forever
SHO20046 Christmas in July
SHO20047 Fresh from the Florist
SHO20048 Arrows of Love
SLE18001 Leaves of Autumn
SLE18003 Summer Leaves
SLE18004 Tiny Grape & Holly Border
SLE18008 Fall Leaves and Acorns
SWD3801 Noel
SWD3802 Love
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