Stowing Your Stamps

Lots of little stamps that use just a little space

Storing Your Peg Stamps

To keep your rubber stamps healthy for many years to come, it is best to store them out of direct sunlight and if you store them vertically make sure the rubber ends are placed flat to protect the beautiful shape of the rubber.

Peg Stamp Storage Ideas

Nearly any container can be used to store your peg stamps, you just need something at least 4-inches deep if you want to use a lid with your storage solution. Below we give you some additional peg stamp-storage ideas.

Really Useful Box -This is a favorite storage solution because the box is super sturdy, has a lid that is locked into place with the handles, it’s not too heavy when filled, and it stacks.

These boxes come in a variety of sizes, but this is the only size that is the proper depth for storing peg stamps. As the box sizes go up or down the depth also changes. They can be purchased online directly from the UK manufacturer. You can also find them at Target and Staples. Walmart has a knock-off version but it lacks the quality of the original brand. 

The Kraft Memory Box by Recollections – This is a great option if you have a lot of stamps and they stay put. It is really heavy when completely full. It’s a better option for storing sets in their original containers and it will hold 18 sets. You can see how we store our sets in them HERE.

Everything Mary Deluxe Store and Tote – This is a great option for stamping on the go. This idea came to us from a customer and she said that she has 2 totes filled with peg stamps. They are available directly from the manufacturer, as well through Amazon, but she picked hers up at Walmart.

More Ideas on Pinterest – Everyone has a different craft room set up, so it’s hard to cover all ideas here. We hope you’ll check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration.