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Thinking of You Week at Rubber Stamp Tapestry


Be part of this week happening around the world to create a wave of happiness by sending cards. Connect with friends, family or someone you know who could use a boost. It could be their Birthday or another special occasion, maybe you haven’t seen them for a long time, or perhaps someone you know is having a tough time, or you might just want to let them know you are thinking of them. Make someone feel special by showing you care and you could make their day! During the last week of September, we are inviting you to join us and send 1 card a day for 5 days during Thinking of You Week USA.

But before we send cards, we have to make cards right? So we will be releasing a video tutorial every day the week before Thinking of You Week USA so that we will be prepared for the big event! We look forward to spending 2 weeks with you as we use our creativity and love of handmade cards to send that love to others, putting a smile on all our faces.


Here's Three Steps to Join Us for Thinking of You Week

1. September 17-23 Make a Card with Us Each Day.
We will release a card-making tutorial once a day throughout the week via our YouTube channel. We will keep the cards very simple so anyone can make them. We will give you tips on duplicating the cards in case you want to send to more than one person a day. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your kids, grandkids, Sunday school group, homeschool group, and daycare children involved.

2. September 24-30 Send the Cards You Made
During the second week, we will send the cards we made to our friends, family, and strangers. Anyone would love a handwritten note in a handmade card, but if you feel you just don't know anyone you can send your cards to, do not worry - Thinking of You Week USA has provided a list of groups who are already devoted to organizing writing campaigns:


  • More Love Letters - They stock their website each month with new love letter requests. At the end of each month, letters are bundled and delivered.
  • Love for the Elderly - Write a letter to an elderly person, and Love for the Elderly will deliver it to a senior in need of a warm thought, expression of caring, and connection.
  • Sunshine Snail Mail - Sunshine Snail Mail – Send cards to kids (and sometimes adults), who could use a smile. Most are battling a life-threatening illness, or have suffered great loss.
  • From the Heart - This community publishes addresses directly on their Facebook page so you can mail letters directly to those in need.
  • Braid Mission - Their Cards of Hope program sends cards to local group homes and facilities that house youth separated from loved ones.
  • Joshua 1:9 Mission - Bring joy to those battling cancer, by making and sending cards. This non-profit collects and sends cards weekly to cancer patients around the country.

3. Share Your Experience
We would love to hear from you about your Thinking of You Week USA experience. How did you celebrate? Did you make and send cards by yourself, or did you do it with friends? Did you get feedback from your recipients? Did you make any new friends? How did it feel to share your cards? Did you discover something you did not know before? Let us know at, or share on our Facebook page.


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